Edexcel Interleaving 'A-Day' Resources

A very useful set of interleaving resources, created by Chris Sharples, for Edexcel's GCSE Computer Science Specification.

Message from Chris:

Both Sam and I share a belief that Interleaving sheets are one of the best revision aids. Sam has very kindly made his OCR resources available to me and I have started creating bespoke interleaving sheets for Pearson Edexcel GCSE Computer Science (2020). Click here for qualification details.

My students had their mock in November based on Units 1-4, hence I have created 18 4-a-day interleaving sheets. As you will see, each sheet has Sam's original format of a selection of four questions, in random order. Answers are on the back.
I have a tracking sheet here for you to refer to so see what is covered and where. I plan to do an additional series of at least 18 6-a-day interleaving sheets next term. I have done this for my students, direct from the syllabus/tracking sheet:

I cannot confirm they are exactly correct. If there are any errors, please email me at sharples[at]readschool.co.uk
I hope this helps your students and saves you a few hours work - please use the saved time for something enjoyable!

001 (4-a-day)

002 (4-a-day)

003 (4-a-day)

004 (4-a-day)

005 (4-a-day)

006 (4-a-day)

007 (4-a-day)

008 (4-a-day)

009 (4-a-day)

010 (4-a-day)

011 (4-a-day)

012 (4-a-day)

013 (4-a-day)

014 (4-a-day)

015 (4-a-day)

016 (4-a-day)

017 (4-a-day)

018 (4-a-day)

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